Need an expert tracking team?
Anywhere in the world?

JHPTS has the capability to deploy a team of certified trackers anywhere in the world. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes a team of trained and certified professional trackers is just the needed resource for missing person cases anywhere in the world. If you want more information about our deployment procedures, please Contact Us .

Do you need a tracking team now or need information about a possible tracking deployment?

JHPTS has certified trackers available throughout the United States. If you need a tracking team or have questions about requesting a tracking team, contact any of the trackers listed below for more information. JHPTS has certified trackers in these states, however in many cases trackers regularly respond to nearby states.

California – Colorado – Georgia – Idaho – Kansas – Michigan – Minnesota
Montana – New York – Oklahoma – Oregon – Pennsylvania – Tennessee
Virginia – Washington – Wisconsin – Wyoming

JHPTS Nationwide Deployment Contacts

Joel Hardin – Contact – 208-926-4390
Sharon Ward – Contact
Kathleen Decker – Contact

Several regional tracking groups provide trackers for JHPTS responses: