JHPTS 24-Hour Course

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Jun/7 - Jun/9, 2024
Army Guard Readiness Center, Laramie, WY

Location: Laramie Readiness Center WYARNG, 3894 WY-130, Laramie, WY, 5112 Post Rd. 82-70.  


This will be a 24 hour course beginning at 8:00 am Friday June 7th with registration and lecture including power point presentation to provide Novice and Basic tracker understanding of training methodology, techniques and procedures. The presentation supports field training by providing student understanding of training methods, manner and objectives. “Tracking” is a first response primary search resource used to verify witness statements, establish the “PLS”, direction of subject travel and following the physical evidence to the missing person. Field training will allow “student tracking team” experimentation and “hands-on” practice of fundamental tracking techniques. Novice students will progress from initial identifying a print, to “step-by-step” every track concept of following an identified sign line and practical tracking team response.

This is a “skill development” training program for Apprentice and Journeyman Tracker students. Students at these levels have acquired Basic Tracker understanding and will be introduced to practical tracking techniques and applications necessary to become a viable resource for SAR missions. Students at all training levels will be individually challenged with additional advanced tracking concepts and techniques. Journeyman Tracker students will be provided advanced training objectives working with Novice and Apprentice students and separately in simulated actual SAR and law enforcement mission scenarios.