"Richie", Richard Fox Memorial Class

Hoot Owl, Waubun, MN 46-hour class, October 7-11, 2019


 Left to right:  Kevin Willis, Al Fox, Richard Fox, Joel Hardin, Roger Willis

                     In memoriam of Richard Fox Jr July 30,1964-June 29th, 2019


“I’m having steak!” 

“Whenever I get a chance, it’s steak!” 

“hee, hee, hee”

A tribute 

Richie, Richard Fox



A personal remembrance:  Richard was a large man, naturally quiet and not easily involved in group discussions, but listening as though deep in thoughts of his own personal concern.  One had to spend time with Richie and become known to him, to enter this realm of quiet intelligence and concern for everyone and everything.  His thoughts, ideas, common sense and vast knowledge of a multitude of subjects were concealed by his quiet reserved manner.  Yet when invited to share by sincerely interested persons such as other tracking students he blossomed into an all-encompassing instructor and master of skill and welcomed them to enter into his quiet world of intimate knowledge of all issues and factors.  He truly was a gifted man in many fields and one of the three original founders of the 3-Fires Trackers.    Joel Hardin


The mix of law enforcement personnel with SAR personnel for the instructor pool and the student pool, made for a very good learning environment.   The in-class time was equally intermixed with time spent outdoors.  Students were able to question instructors freely and opening in the filed as well as within the classroom environment.  Everyone reported coming away with a renewed interest in learning more about visual tracking, including a better understanding of how beneficial this skill set may be to ensure successful operations. 

Congratulations to the following Trackers on their certifications at this class:

 Apprentice Trackers

           Richard Swisher  (Frederick County Sheriff’s Office) 

      Phil Desroches (Massachusetts Environmental Police)

Basic Trackers:

    Matt Turner (LEO Massachusetts)

    Adam Brightman (LEO Massachusetts)

     Nick Stone (LEO Massachusetts)

    Nathan Spence (LEO Frederick County Sheriff’s Office)

     Zachary Ostiguy (Federal Wildlife LEO)

          Dale Chayes  (K9 SAR handler Massachusetts) 

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