24-Hour JHPTS Visual Tracking class in Kelso, WA

Sponsored by Cowlitz County Searh & Rescue

Cowlitz County Search & Rescue sponsored a 24-hour JHPTS Visual Tracking class on July 12-14, 2019 in Kelso, Washington.  Thirty-one trackers attended.  Our mentor and Master Tracker instructed the Advanced class and Alissa Rettschag and Ravin Alder instructed the Novice class.

This was an amazing opportunity to learn as there were 5 Sign-Cutters, 3 Journeymen, 6 Apprentice and 5 Basic Trackers included in the mix.  The weather was perfect and the tracking was challenging in that there was sign from last October, from five weeks ago, two weeks ago and 3 days ago to sort and identify.