Meet The Signcutters

Sharon Ward Awarded JHPTS “Sign Cutter” Certification – 2009

Sharon has been a member of the Joel Hardin tracking program since 1999. In addition to her membership in JHPTS, she serves as a Senior Coordinator for Cowlitz County Search and Rescue and as the Training Officer for Pacific Crest Search Dogs. Both organizations are Washington State search and rescue teams.

Sharon is a founder and a director of the Washington State Trackers Association, an association of certified JHPTS trackers who respond to missing person searches and crime scene investigations, upon request by state or federal agencies. Sharon has traveled internationally as an operational member of Joel Hardin Professional Trackers International a division of JHPTS that responds internationally to official SAR and tracking investigation requests.

In her position as an instructor for JHPTS, Sharon teaches SAR and LE tracking, and has trained US Special Forces units tracking techniques, especially with regard to using canines and trackers together in the field. Sharon is an attorney by trade, who, for the last 25 years, has specialized in legal issues facing non-profit organizations. She regularly lectures at SAR conferences and to search and rescue groups about managing legal risks and avoiding legal liability.

Sharon is a tracker and a canine handler. She uses both resources, as appropriate, simultaneously in the field to find missing persons and to assist law enforcement with crime scene evidence. She regularly serves as an instructor for JHPTS, especially with regard to SAR Law and with working canines and trackers together for optimal efficiency and success.

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