Meet The Signcutters

Kathy Decker Awarded JHPTS “Sign Cutter” Certification – 2009

Kathy joined the King County (Washington) Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy in 1985.  She rose to the rank of Detective and has over 13 years experience working in the King County Sheriff’s Major Crime Unit, where she specialized in Homicide investigation.  Kathy holds a BA degree in Criminal Justice from Washington State University.


Kathy has investigated and worked many crime scenes, providing tracking expertise and examination.  As a result of her work on crime scenes she has testified as an expert witness, presenting tracking evidence.


Currently Kathy is working as a Detective assigned to the King County Sheriff Major Crime Unit. She has been associated with the Joel Hardin tracking program since 1998, regularly providing introductory tracker training to law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office.  Kathy has traveled internationally as a member of Joel Hardin Professional Trackers International the division of JHPTS that responds internationally to official SAR and investigative tracking requests.


Kathy has also provided forensic photo analysis and testimony, based solely on crime scene photographs.  She provides instruction to law enforcement on the identification and processing of outdoor crime scenes.

Kathy’s background in criminal investigations and her experience in managing and coordinating have also been used on missing person cases.

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