Meet The Signcutters

Preston “Pres” Funkhouser Awarded JHPTS “Sign Cutter” Certification – 2008

Congratulations to Preston “Pres” Funkhouser. During the “Train the Trainer” event this past weekend (January 2008), the program blessed Pres with the coveted Sign Cutter certification. Pres is action oriented and a “get it done” guy. He is a no-nonsense serious tracker and tracking trainer who has traveled extensively during the past ten years with and for this program. He has tracked crime scenes investigations and missing person searches. And, he has engaged in military tracking training. Pres brings to this certification a vast amount of experience from all tracking arenas; but, most importantly, he is one who will not back away from or hesitate regarding any issue or situation. He always can make it work somehow.
The modern world demands that our program designate those with the unique ability to resolve and find success with all types of missions as Sign Cutters. In past times, Sign Cutters were individuals whose single minded purpose was the pursuit of one or two individuals to wherever they might be found regardless of time or destination. Times have changed significantly and the needs and responses today that call for Sign Cutters are as varied as life itself. There is little relationship to the Sign Cutters of the past other than the deep devotion to the unique knowledge and application of tracking skill.

Pres is retired military intelligence and has the experience of having been a military attaché, combat, and Special Forces Commander. He knows how to handle people and how to manage time and energy for success. He has been an active tracker with this program for fifteen years and is an active member of SAR responding to all types of missions, managing most.

We look forward to working with Pres in this new position and to his finding new ways to help the trackers and this program.

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