Meet The Signcutters

Marvin Pillers Awarded JHPTS “Sign Cutter” Certification – 2005

Marvin will tell you that we first met in 1979 during a State SAR conference being held at Ellensburg, Washington.  I was doing a tracking segment presentation to acquaint SAR responders with the use of tracking as a SAR resource.  Marv came to that short introduction, saw the application possibilities in SAR and has followed our tracking program ever since.
Marv wears many hats.  His volunteer work includes Captain and Training Officer for the Palouse Fire Department and EMT with the local EMS unit in Palouse, WA, in Whitman County. Marv is also a SAR Deputy and SAR Coordinator for Latah County in Idaho.  First Responder to Marv means that regardless of the emergency or crises you always get there first!  Marv’s primary job is working for the Garfield and Palouse school districts, where he is the Technology Coordinator and Network Administrator and has responsibility for all technology functions in both districts. For six years, in addition to his primary job with technology, he also served as the supervisor of the transportation department, and continues to serve as the district’s bus driver trainer and fills in as a substitute bus driver when necessary.

Marvin is the leader of the Idaho State Trackers Association (previously North Idaho Trackers).  This group grew out of the association in the early 1980’s with Pacific Northwest Trackers and has gone forward continually improving and adapting to the developing of professional tracker response.  Marv’s relationship with Latah County Sheriff’s office across the line in Idaho has helped promote tracking as an early response resource in local SAR opportunities.

Marv has developed his own style of training and presentation of our program and with such has recruited numerous new trackers that have gone on and recruited others.  Marv is a trainer with confidence and experience.  He relates well with everyone and works both as primary search manager in the command post and the field coordinator position when not actually doing the tracking himself.

Marv’s vast in-depth experience has prepared him well and in 2005 he was certified as a Sign Cutter in the JHPTS program.  He continues to be active in all public emergency services and a primary figure for SAR and law enforcement incidents involving tracking in the region of north central Idaho.

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