Meet The Signcutters

Robert “Bob” Brady Awarded JHPTS “Sign Cutter” Certification – 2004

Bob has been a faithful participant of the Joel Hardin training program since 1992. Bob has held numerous officer positions, and is a senior member of Snohomish County SAR, and is the tracking trainer for that group. With experience in hundreds of missions in numerous realms, he regularly responds to tracking criminal investigations and wanted person searches and has utilized his experiences in helping teach each branch of the JHPTS program to agencies across the country.

Bob is a 6 year veteran of the U.S. Army and joined he Boeing Company in 1988 as a electronics technician testing systems of the 747, 767 & 777, while cross training as a mechanic, electrician, oxygen, water and hydraulics systems specialist. Bob has also been assigned to aircraft on ground (AOG) operations, and as a skills process instructor for new hires, and several years as a production manager. His current assignment is as a Lean Practitioner/Consultant.

Bob participates with the JHPTS training program as often as possible during the year as an instructor, consultant, and special advisor, traveling throughout the United States and to foreign countries as a member of JHPT-International. Bob is a respected professional tracking advisor to 1st Special Response Group. He has traveled as a team member to foreign ports and places to effect successful missions. Bob explores other major tracking programs available in the U.S. in a continuing effort to be fully informed and knowledgeable of possible techniques and practices to increase his personal and professional knowledge and skill.

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