Meet The Signcutters

Annie Pillers Awarded JHPTS “Sign Cutter” Certification – 2013

Annie joined Palouse/Clearwater Search and Rescue in 1990 and began learning her tracking skills working with the North Idaho Trackers group. Annie attended Joel’s tracking classes as a UTS student, advancing to Journeyman in the JHPTS program in 2004. Annie served as the JHPTS Administrative Assistant from 2009 through 2012. Annie served as a tracker and secretary/treasurer of the North Idaho Trackers group from the mid-1990s until it grew into the Idaho State Trackers Association. She continues as an ISTA tracker and is the current secretary/treasurer of ISTA.

Annie is currently the Executive Director of Friends of Hospice in Whitman County, Washington. In addition to her volunteer work with search and rescue, Annie is an active EMT and Senior EMT Instructor with Palouse EMS unit and also teaches American Heart Association first aid classes. Annie is married to Marvin Pillers and the two have resided in Palouse, Washington since 1990.

Annie has served as an instructor for the JHPTS training program for several years and continues to do so when available.

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