New Signcutters – March 2009

Newest Members of JHPTS Staff

Four New Sign Cutters & Six New Journeymen

I want to take a moment to acknowledge and commend the newest members of the JHPTS staff.  On March 8, 2009 I awarded SIGN CUTTER certificates to the following individuals:  David “Dave” Hake; Sharon Ward; James “Dick” Wilker; and Kathleen “Kathy” Decker.

New Signcutters and JourneymenAwarding these certificates was an emotional moment for me, because it greatly affects this program and its continued evolution and growth.  I am so very proud of each of these trackers and of their devotion, loyalty and active participation in this program.  I have known and worked with each one of them throughout their training from Novice tome to know personally.  I know their personalities, personal lives, thoughts and feelings, and of their support and participation in our program.
This will be the last time that I, alone, am responsible for the certification of a tracker as a SIGN CUTTER.  All future Sign Cutter certifications will come primarily from nominations and consideration of the “active” Sign Cutters within this program.  Final certification must come from personal knowledge of the training and background of candidates.  As I know each of these presently certified Sign Cutters, those of the future must be “known” by those with the responsibility for certification.  I will be but one voice in the midst, instead of being the principle voice, with ultimate decision responsibility.  I am passing the torch.   I honor and respect the SIGN CUTTERS of this program to carry that torch to yet unknown arenas.
We have six new Journeymen certified under the new criteria.  They are:  David “Dave” Newcombe; Marian Chambers; Steve Reddington; Dan Scovel, George Gunn and Floyd Carvey.  The certification of each of these fine additions to our JHPTS staff (all Journeymen are considered “staff” members) was considered and approved by all Sign Cutters in the program.  This consideration of Journeyman certifications did, in fact, include the four newest Sign Cutters listed above.  Again, I have passed the torch, and all future Journeyman certifications will be the responsibility of the “active” Sign Cutters in the program.  I will be but one voice and no longer the deciding member.
Future Apprentice level certifications will be the principle responsibility of “active” Journeymen with personal and program knowledge of the candidates presented.  All future certifications will be the result of two particular efforts: (1) personal application by the tracker for consideration of their meeting the full Apprentice level criteria and  (2) the recommendation from not less than two “active” Journeyman Trackers with personal knowledge of how, when and where the candidate has met all criteria elements.
The application for consideration of Apprentice level certification may be made to any Journeyman conducting a sanctioned training course in which the applicant is a student.  The Journeyman is responsible to make the initial inquiry as to the applicant meeting or exceeding all criteria elements.  Subsequently, this Journeyman must offer the applicant to not less than two Journeymen not associated with the candidate’s group or affiliation, (other than that of the JHPTS program) for certification consideration.
The remaining details of this newest revision for certifications are yet to be worked out.
The torch is passed.  I am still here and will be – and I will be in control of the program – but in a gradually lessening position as the new restructuring gains legs and slowly becomes the program that all of you share equally.
I am honored to be accepted as the “passing” master as these ten now join with others previously so certified to accept the responsibilities that will carry this program forward into the future.
Joel Hardin