Tracking Program Objectives

JHPTS Tracking Program Objectives

JHPTS has created a progressive learning and skill development program utilizing a series of both “In-House” and “sanctioned” training courses to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. To provide an accredited, certified, and recognized source of professional tracking training, consultation and expertise presented by a staff of experienced, active tracking experts and professional tracking instructors adequate to address training course commitments.
  2. To promote and provide tracking knowledge and skill as a viable tool or resource for law enforcement, land search operations, military and industrial/installation security, or other governmental and lawful organizations through a comprehensive training program.
  3. To provide an accredited and acknowledged program of progressive levels of knowledge and tracking skill development: Novice, Basic Tracker, Apprentice Tracker, Journeyman Tracker and Sign Cutter (Master) Tracker.
  4. To provide a professional training and practical experience program to equip SAR, military, law enforcement and other pertinent governmental personnel with legally tested and defensible tracking methodology techniques, practices and procedures to identify individual and group participation in criminal actions and activities.
  5. To provide written performance standards, criteria, and objectives to identify and define student learning and demonstrated practical application achievement at each training level.
  6. To provide an evaluation program relative to stated performance standards and criteria with which to measure demonstrated individual student learning and skill development.
  7. To provide certification of student training achievement and a statement of reasonable expectations of their individual knowledge and skill.