Joel C. Hardin

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Chief Instructor

Joel C. Hardin, Sign Cutter, Chief Instructor, Program Administrator

Joel completed 25 years with the U.S. Border Patrol in September of 1990 and resigned to enable full-time devotion to tracking training and consultation.  His tracking mentor was and is the late master tracker Albert “Ab” Taylor, to whom he credits the inspiration of forty five plus years of progressive training program development and success.  He is fortunate to have participated in numerous significant criminal investigations and missing person searches that attracted wide media attention.  He has produced primary evidence in such investigations as the “Green River Serial Murders,” fleeing fugitive and escapee incidents, and international missing person searches in Mexico, Australia, Peru, Canada, Alaska, and many other western states of the United States.  He has testified on numerous occasions in criminal court proceedings and has been recognized as a tracking expert by federal and state court systems. He assisted the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) and other institutions in development of tracking standards and certifications.  The Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services  (JHPTS) program is the evolution of Joel’s forty-five plus years of tracking training experience with search and rescue, law enforcement, industrial security, and the military.  Joel Hardin Professional Trackers International is a special division of JHPTS that responds to official requests for SAR and law enforcement tracking services internationally.  Joel remains an active tracker responding personally to SAR, law enforcement and military tracking mission’s worldwide.

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