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April 4, 2021                                                                                                                                            


Break out your tracking gear, get your calendars out and make plans to attend a course!  There are 5 sanctioned courses posted for 2021 on the website. April, June and August are the current opportunities. More courses are being discussed with various sponsors.  For those that are new to the program or those that have a location and a team to help sponsor a course, jump on the website to find out how to make it happen.  The lead tracker in your area knows how to do it, or they know who to call to start the ball rolling. 


Those familiar with the program fully understand the 24 hour course that welcomes all skill levels.  Three of the 5 courses support the 24 hour course outline.


Many of you asked for this, and here it is! Two of the courses currently offered are TFM/Advanced Tracking courses.  Students should be a minimum of Basic Certification. This training will concentrate on bringing all trainers, designated trainers, and Lead Trackers up to date on JHPTS Visual Tracking policy changes, certification procedures, and methodology in presenting JHPTS Visual Tracking. As we have communicated, the TTT (Train the Trainer) that was previously held in a central location has moved to the field, with the goal of having three sessions in various locations throughout the country this year. 


The Wyoming and Montana classes offer the TFM/Advanced course and the 24 hour course back to back. These two courses are the best cost options in years.  For $350 you can have a 24 hour course or the TFM/Advanced course, or get both courses for no additional cost if your schedule supports the time commitment.  Look on the website for full details.


Courses, Trainings, Certifications:

April 23-25th       Newport, Oregon               24 hour course

June 8-13th         Sundance, Wyoming               TFM/Advanced course and 24 hour course options

August 17-22nd  Cardwell, Montana               TFM/Advanced course and 24 hour course options

Details of all courses are available on the website!



Recent Mission

Congratulations go out to Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue K9 and Tracker teams who followed boot prints to locate a man who went missing on February 11th!  Bob Austin, Robert Cavness, Jim Hedges and Shelene Rosenbach are the trackers that responded to this mission. You may view the article at


Opportunity and Request

JHPTS Visual Tracking and Training is currently looking for someone within the program to take on the duties of being treasurer for the company.  Kris Scovel currently serves as our treasurer and has served in this role for many years.  She has requested to step away from this role by the end of 2021.  I would like to discuss this position with any of you that are interested.  Kris is available through the end of the year to help with the transition.


Dan Scovel


JHPTS Visual Tracking and Training


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