JHPTS Visual Tracking 24-Hour Course

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Sep/17 - Sep/19, 2021
Oregon State University 4-H Camp, Salem, OR
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Joel Hardin

BASIC TRACKING COURSE: (September 17-19) This course is more like a regularly scheduled 24-hour sanctioned training for all tracking levels, but with special emphasis on implementation of the new program changes and procedures at all levelsClass will begin at 0800 on Friday, September 16th until 1400, Sunday, September 19th.

Basic Level 1-2 and Novice students may “sit-in attendance” without direct participation during the Advanced Tracker course for edification, experience and learning prior to start of the Basic/Novice class. All available Advanced Trackers, (Basic Level 3, Apprentice, Journeyman) will participate in and with advanced techniques and simulated situational exercises in the field and classroom to improve understanding and skill development.