JHPTS Visual Tracking Advanced Tracker Training

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Sep/14 - Sep/16, 2021
Oregon State University 4-H Camp, Salem, OR
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Joel Hardin

ADVANCED TRACKING COURSE: September 14-16/19 - Students must have a minimum of JHPTS Basic Certification to participate in this portion of the training event.

Class will begin at 0800 on Tuesday, September 14th until 1700 Thursday, September 16th. Students will have the option to participate in the 24-Hour Course. This training class will concentrate on two important areas of our tracking program: It will bring all trainers, designated trainers, Lead Trackers and Instructors up to date on JHPTS Visual Tracking policy changes, certification procedures and training methodology in presenting and documenting every facet of every level of each JHPTS Visual Tracking certificationAnd, importantly, it will focus upon the critical field skills of sign cutting and aging techniques.