Farewell to Tracker Richard Fox

From Joel Hardin:


 I was taking a walk with Tobii, my dog, and while he chased a squirrel around and through the brush pile I thought of you. I was remembering the times that you first came to the tracking courses.  You were a large and knowing man, who spoke mostly when spoken to and mostly only a few words. However your words were careful and with meaning directly relating to whatever conversation had been directed toward you.  You listened with eyes half closed to all that was said, remembering and measuring each for the words they spoke.  Your laugh was a delightful and uncontrolled giggle which infected all within hearing and lifted the mood for everyone.

 Richard, I always thought you knew more about tracking than I.  Your native understanding of your environment surroundings was a God gifted nature that allowed complete comprehension of my words.  I took the initiative to introduce you to a new image as a very talented and highly regarded tracking instructor.  Students listened to you and knew by hearing your words of the invaluable need for trackers who studied and practiced to see and understand sign.  

You were remarkable and you will live forever in the stories, the tales and case histories of the JHPTS-Three – Fires Trackers.  Sooo-Long my friend keep pointing out the sign and showing us the way to go.

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